Please Answer These 7 Quick Questions

1. How many people do you currently employ that repair, manufacture, or restore timepieces?  

2. What is the current salary range? 

3. Are you experiencing a shortage of workers with watchmaking skills?  

4. Do you project hiring properly trained candidates in watch repair, manufacturing,
and/or restoration within the US in the next two years? How many? 

5. Are you aware of a recent bill signed into law giving tax incentives for companies hiring veterans?  

6. Would you consider future hiring’s of disabled US war veterans, properly trained in watchmaking/repair
and assembly, to meet your future employment needs?  

7. The Veteran's Watchmaking Initiative is looking to train disabled veterans in the art of watchmaking.
Upon graduation, these heroes will be ready to join the workforce as watchmakers.
Would you be interested in learning more about how your company can support this effort? 



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