Stardusters from Spring Arbor Amazing Donation

Last night the Stardusters from Spring Arbor along with Arnie J. presented an incredible donation of $500.00 to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative project. The Stardusters provide music from the 1940s-1980s.

Also in attendance were Music Director and Keyboardist for the Stardusters Frank C., Barb V. from the Wilmington Opera, Tom P. singer and resident expert for lyrics, and last but not least Mario V. classic guitarist. Gale and Claude were also in attendance for the presentation.

A very special THANKS to the group for the concert that raised the money as well as Arnie and Tina (not present) for making desserts that were sold at the concert.  A great group of people and the donation was deeply appericated by the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.

  • A special thanks to James McKay for the Eagle in Flight painting donation.
  • Also included is a photo from a previous Spring Arbor donation