The VWI Watchmaker Program

Graduates of the VWI Watchmaker Program will be certified as professional watchmakers, and will be eligible for employment in manufacturing facilities, in high-end jewelry stores, as a contractor or in other professional settings. Or, in the tradition of their predecessors, some may want to open their own businesses.

We understand that due to the severity of their injuries some graduates may prefer not to work in a public environment. Our Watchmaker Program allows those veterans to practice their new professions at home as contractors or as independent business people. Guidance in that area will be provided.

The full Professional Veterans Watchmaker Training Program will be 14 months (1840 class hours) of intensive watch making and repair training.

Please remember our programs are offered free of charge to qualifying veterans.

When students complete the program, they will be fully capable of making any repair to mechanical or quartz watches..

   Each student must satisfactorily complete competency tests at the end of each training module in order to move on to the next module and to graduate.

   During the course of the program students will have the professional competency and will be required to build a school watch from scratch.

   Students will also be required to pass a comprehensive final exam.

The following areas will be covered in detail in the
Professional Watchmaker Program.

Tools: their proper names, usage and maintenance
Micro Mechanics: making tools, annealing and heat treating
Introduction to Watch Theory and basic repair
Lathe and Turning
Making parts to include stems, staffs and jewel settings
Escapements with emphasis on the Swiss Lever
Hairspring Manipulation and Vibration
Introduction to Quartz Watch Theory
Quartz Watch service and repair
Watch case restoration and repair
Case and bracelet service and repair
Calendar mechanisms and complications
Precision Timing
Business practices and issues

Training Application


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